Wind and
equal to 50
100 +
lights per
NO Flame
or toxic Fluid
Beard and
hair friendly
“ is NOT affiliated with BBK Tobacco & Foods, LLP.  The name ELEMENTIUM  is used with permission.”
Pure Spark lighters are the lighters of choice!

Be green, light whatever you need in any environment and wind condition, and save some green as you use and use it week
after week; simply plugging the Pure Spark Lighter into a USB port whenever needing a fresh charge! Need a lighter for your
water/standard pipe? Simply choose the Pure Spark Elite and you set! Want to shock and stun your friends? Checkout the
Time Burner Watch below! Something Steel? How about the new Plazmatic insanely cool plasma beam lighter!

Not only are all of our products hyper durable and sleek looking, but they also have no toxic fluids or chemicals = a cleaner hit
and a longer life. Kick those nasty butane lighters to the curb and join the movement towards a healthier, cleaner light!

Also, since you will no longer be throwing dozens upon dozens of disposable lighters in the trash you will be helping the planet
out! Add our Boost battery and be able to charge your Pure Spark Lighter on the go 5X!
New Limited Edition "Oinkee" (1 of 100
Pure Spark Elite!!
(Each unit comes signed and numbered, after 100 units are gone you will never
be able to get your hands on one again).
$200 value for only $99.95!

(1) "Rift"
(1) "Wooden Rift"
(1) "Rifts' Revenge"
(1) Time Burner Watch
(1) Rock'it (new release) Plazmatic